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How to offer a zero waste gift?

Common wrapping with wrapping paper promotes tree cutting and creates waste just to make a gift look aesthetically pleasing.

How do you wrap zero waste gifts without using wrapping paper and being creative in the way you present a gift?

When considering giving a gift it is important to think about the duration of a gift. Is it a gift to be used for a long time or just something to be consumed or used quickly and then move on?

If it will be used for the long term, it may need to be protected in a bag. If it is to be used in the short term, it would be nice to find a solution to reuse the packaging.

I looked into these questions as I wanted to offer a zero waste alternative to gift giving, and I found that one option was to offer bags made in cotton canvas which is a beautiful fabric that is durable. These bags are reusable and you will find many uses for them.

They can be used to store all kinds of items or they can be used to wrap another gift. Pass around these beautiful bags that will make many happy.

 A great way to save trees!

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