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  • La Girafe Couture collaborates with Quebec food retailer IGA in its marketing campaign "Don't forget your mask"

    La Girafe Couture is proud to have conceived and made the masks that were sent to the lucky winners of the contest organized by Quebec food retailer IGA in its marketing campaign "Don't forget your mask" launched this summer to raise awareness about the need to be wearing a mask.
  • Discover which material is ideal in the making of cloth face masks

    Some customers have asked us why do we use flannel in our face masks.

    In this blog, we share the conclusions of a scientific study that was conducted on various materials used in cloth face masks.

  • Living with face masks: How to stow them, reuse disposables and more

    Face masks are becoming a part of everyday life. They're now required in public indoor spaces and on transit in many cities in Canada and the entire provinces of Quebec and Nova Scotia. (Graham Hughes/The Canadian Press)

    This article provides answers to practical questions such as:

    Is it safe to pull down my mask and keep it under my chin?


    What's the best way to stow a mask while on the go?


  • How Quebec's new mandatory masks rule works

    Effective now, masks are mandatory in indoor public spaces across the province. The new measure is kicking in as Quebec witnesses a slow but steady increase in the number of COVID-19 cases

    "It's better to wear a mask than to be confined at home," said Premier François Legault as he made the announcement last Monday.

    "It's not fun wearing a mask, but it's essential."

    The regulation applies to everyone aged 12 and up, although Legault said even children as young as two could be encouraged to wear a mask — either a certified medical face covering or a handcrafted one, as long as it covers the nose and mouth.

    Here are the answers to some of your questions about when exactly the rules apply and how they will be enforced.

  • How effective is your face mask?

    A new study shows just how well face masks stop the spread of droplets from coughs or sneezes. Researchers at Florida Atlantic University tested four types of masks: a bandana, a folded handkerchief, a cone mask and a homemade cotton mask. CNBC’s Andrea Day reports on their findings.
  • Masks to be mandatory in Montreal's indoor public spaces by July 27

    Currently in Montreal, masks are only mandatory in one suburb, Cote-Saint-Luc, where the rule went into effect last week. They will become mandatory on public transit on July 13, though there will then be a two-week grace period, and enforcement will also begin July 27.

    Other Canadian cities have also moved recently to make masks mandatory, though with shorter delays. On Monday, the City of Ottawa announced that masks will be required as of 12:01 a.m. Tuesday, just a few hours later.

    Toronto announced on June 30 that it was giving about a week's notice before masks would become mandatory starting July 7, the same day as Ottawa.