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Zero waste makeup removal

Did you ever ask yourself, “I wonder how many of a product do I go through in a year”?

This is the question that I asked myself one day, years ago, when I was removing my makeup with cotton rounds. I figured that depending on the day I would go easily through two to six rounds a day. Two in a day in which I had only my mascara to remove; six rounds the day when I had full makeup on.

I took a piece of paper and I wrote numbers down. Say that on average, I use four rounds per day

1 day = 4 rounds x 365 days = 1460 rounds per year!

I couldn’t believe it: I had been using and throwing in the garbage close to 1500 rounds every year!

And that’s only me … Multiply 1500 rounds by millions of people across the country. I am scared to even go through the calculation.

I don’t pretend to want to change the world, but I know one thing for sure: I want to change my behavior in order to contribute to reducing the waste that my family and I generate at home.

Since I am lucky enough to have some sewing skills, I have been making my own makeup remover pads for years now, using materials that I have in my workshop.

Besides, considering the cost of 1500 disposable rounds per year compared to the cost of reusable pads that easily last two years, one is quick to realize that there are savings that can be made.

By adopting reusable makeup remover wipes, you reduce waste going to landfills and furthermore you save money. It’s a winning decision!

Now that I launched my own online shop www.lagirafecouture.com , I am happy to offer reusable makeup remover pads to everyone who wants to embark into the zero waste journey.

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