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La Girafe Couture blog

  • Earth Day 2021 is an opportunity to go green

    La Girafe Couture is proud to support Earth Day Canada and its mission to help individuals and organizations to reduce their impact on the environment. Go green and embrace a zero waste lifestyle
  • How to offer a zero waste gift?

    Common wrapping with wrapping paper promotes tree cutting and creates waste just to make a gift look aesthetically pleasing.

    How do you wrap zero waste gifts without using wrapping paper and being creative in the way you present a gift?

  • What is zero waste?

    Find out what zero waste is, what it aims to do and how you can adopt eco-friendly habits and participate in this collective effort to put an end to the cycle of exploitation of resources and waste creation.

  • Zero waste makeup removal

    Did you ever ask yourself, “I wonder how many of a product do I go through in a year”? This is the question that I asked myself one day, years ago, when I was removing my makeup with cotton rounds.  

    I share with you in this blog one of my steps in my zero waste journey.